LVL Lashes – The Ultimate Lash Lift Treatment

I trained with Nouveau because they are the leading and original Lash Lift brand. This relaxing treatment lifts, lengthens and volumes the natural lashes with results lasting for 6-8 weeks. Perfect for those who want to avoid the upkeep of lash extensions but still like enhanced lashes. CURRENTLY ON OFFER


glowing skin is always in… Before you apply your foundation have you thought about how to get the best results? After all, your makeup will look its absolute best when the skin underneath is healthy and glowing. Its pretty simple, cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate. Its not always visible to keep up

Microblading Q & A

Hi Everyone! I receive so many queries about the microblading procedure offered at Cheshire MUA I thought I would post a Q & A. Please feel free to add comments or queries! Is the treatment painful? Mild pain is to be expected although the skin is sanitised and numbed up


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