Machine Brows

Price: £300

There are a variety of techniques we can use to create different brow styles. The machine brow styles are hairstroke, ombre, powder, hybrid and combination. 

The pigment is implanted into the skin using specialist techniques depending on the outcome required. At your consultation we can discuss the options available and patch test for pigments and numbing agents.

What Does This Treatment Involve?

Brows are shaped on the day of treatment and carefully mapped out to ensure symmetry and to get the perfect shape brows for your face. Numbing cream is applied beforehand and a numbing gel afterwards.

Treatment time is approximately 2 hours – 2 hours 30. A top up is required after 6 weeks, which is included in the price.

A consultation is required to patch test and discuss client suitability and brow style. Eyebrow SPMU requires maintaining, most clients require 12 month top ups. See prices for more information.

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