Your SPMU Questions Answered

This depends on the individual. At your consultation we will discuss the different SPMU techniques, your desired look, the procedure and aftercare. The type of SPMU that is right for you will factor in your skin type e.g. Oily skin retains pigment better with the machine brow technique rather than microblading. We will discuss all options in depth at your consultation.
Again, this depends on your skin type. Typically, oily skin requires top up sooner than dry skin. On average microblading requires a top up every 12 months, machine brows on average every 12-18 months.

Sensitivity and mild discomfort can occur, though numbing cream prior to and during treatment will reduce this as much as possible. Most clients are comfortable throughout the treatment and experience mild discomfort at most.

Scalp Micropigmentation does not require numbing – this will be explained at consultation.

Yes! Your pigment is matched to your skin tone and hair colour for brows. Your brows are mapped out and the outline is drawn on so you can see the shape before we start treatment. Lip pigment can be chosen