Eyeliner Semi-Permanent Makeup

Price: £200-300

Eyeliner tattooing enhances the upper lash line as tiny micro droplets of pigment are deposited into the lash line. The look can be a lash enhancement to create a thicker lash line or eyeliner, winged eyeliner and smokey liner. 

Lash Enhancement Treatment: £200

This treatment is ideal for those who want to thicken the appearance of their lash line, so their lashes appear fuller.

Eyeliner: £300

An ideal treatment for those who wear eyeliner, benefiting those who struggle to create symmetry and avoids the hassle of applying daily and smudging.

What Does This Treatment Involve?

Numbing cream is applied beforehand and a numbing gel is applied during treatment. An eyeliner template is mapped out to ensure symmetry and the perfect shape liner for your eyes. 

The treatment takes approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours and a top up is required after 6 weeks, which is included in the price. Before the treatment can take place a consultation is required to patch test and discuss client suitability.

Eyeliner SPMU requires maintaining, most clients require 2-3 yearly top ups. See prices for more information.

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